We are a small boutique consultancy, heavily focused on creating scalable, robust custom backend solutions & REST APIs with Python, and big data solutions with Apache Spark. We take great pride in our development, only working on projects we build from the ground up handling architecture design, development and deployment.

We believe in shipping bespoke products. We in our previous avatars have built, payment processing gateways(acquired), ERPs, CRMs, hyperlocal apps, RESTful APIs for banking systems, ETL tools, realtime dashboards and much more.

Major Services :

High Performance Web Applications with Python/Django

With over 50 years of combined experience working with Python and Django on the web, you’ll be hard pressed to find a team that’s done as much as we have. Our portfolio includes mobile application APIs, content management systems, e-commerce, realtime web applications, social networks, intranets, geo-enabled (GIS) sites, and everything in between.

DevOps, Scaling, and Deployment

Writing the code is only half the battle, the other half is serving it securely in the wild. We can build out and script your servers, making one-click (or no-click) deployments a reality. Our high-traffic platforms have been battle-tested, withstanding millions of pageviews per day and tens of thousands of visitors per minute.

Data Analytics & Management

We have rich experience in delivering Data Management and Reporting Solutions, Areas of Predictive Analytics. Buildign Real-time Dashboards, Operational Dashboards, Reporting KPIs & Metrics, Real-time BI, Data Transformation and ETL.

Get in touch with us at devs [at] apcelent [dot] com