10 Most Popular Django Library Started in 2015

The year is coming to an end, and we are on our way to reviewing what has been trending in tech circles. In our last post, we talked about 10 most popular javascript libraries that were started in 2015. In this post, we take a look at the 10 most popular django libraries started in 2015.



Wooey is a simple web interface to run command line Python scripts. Think of it as an easy way to get your scripts up on the web for routine data analysis, file processing, or anything else.


Channels is a Work In Progress library that has caught real attention. Coming none other than from Andrew Godwin. It aims to bring some asynchrony to Django and expand the options for code beyond the request-response model, in particular enabling WebSocket, HTTP2 push, and background task support.


healthchecks.io is a free and open source service. Setting up monitoring for your cron jobs only takes minutes.


Adds a management command that generates views, forms, urls, admin, and templates based off the contents of models.py


Django Q is a native Django task queue, scheduler and worker application using Python multiprocessing.


Django webpack loader consumes the output generated by webpack-bundle-tracker and lets you use the generated bundles in django.


A boilerplate application for Django web applications. Even if you are not using this for a hackathon, Django Hackathon Starter is sure to save any developer hours or even days of development time and can serve as a learning guide for web developers.


Django-seed uses the faker library to generate test data for your Django models. This has been "hard-forked" from django_faker in order to support newer versions of Python and Django.


Django Development With Docker Compose and Machine


This application enables django powered websites to have multiple tenants via PostgreSQL schemas. A vital feature for every Software-as-a-Service website.

Hope the post was informative, do let us know in comments, if we forgot to cover a popular library.